Prof. Sumit Agarwal (Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, USA)

Prof. Yimao Cai (Peking UniversityChina)

Prof. Lin Chen (Fudan UniversityChina)

Prof. Chuanwei Cheng (Tongji UniversityChina)

Prof. Hong Dong (Nankai University, China)

Prof. Yu Duan (Jilin University, China)

Prof. Hao Feng (Xi'an Modern Chemistry Research Institute, China)

Prof. Genquan Han (Xidian UniversityChina)

Prof. Gang He (Anhui UniversityChina)

Prof. Tien-Chien Jen (University of Johannesburg, South Africa)

Prof. Han-Bo-Ram (Boram)  Lee (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Incheon National University, South Korea)

Prof. Sang Woon Lee (Department of PhysicsAjou UniversitySouth Korea)

Prof. Lei Liao (Hunan UniversityChina)

Prof. Chang Liu (Wuhan UniversityChina)

Prof. Xinke Liu (Shenzhen UniversityChina)

Prof. Hangbing Lv (Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of SciencesChina)

Prof. Ashok M Mahajan (North Maharashtra University, India)

Prof. Jin-Seong Park (Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Hanyang University, South Korea)

Prof.Jiaming Sun (Nankai UniversityChina) 

Prof. Shuhui Sun (Center for Energy Materials, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS)Canada)

Prof. Tuo Wang (Tianjin UniversityChina)

Dr. Claudia Wiemer (Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems, National Research Council of Italy, Italy)

Prof. Yanqing Wu (Huazhong University of Science and TechnologyChina)

Prof. Haiyang Xu (Northeast Normal UniversityChina)

Prof. Jianhua Zhang (Shanghai UniversityChina)

Prof. Junjie Zhao (Zhejiang UniversityChina)

Prof. Xinhe Zheng (University of Science & Technology BeijingChina)